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Small Business Consulting

Training and solutions for the small businesses that make up 99.9% of US businesses and employ 47% of its employees.

Welcome to a Better Way to Grow Your Small Business

NRC offers a combination of coaching and consulting based on the unique ways that small businesses grow.

We don’t take the boot-camp or one-size-fits all approach. We help you prioritize high value tasks, enable your employees, and get access to the approaches, skills and resources that fit your budget and management style. Work with us on your schedule to take more control of your business and fast track your vision.

The Problems We Solve

With the right support, mastering your business is within reach. Our coaching and consulting services provide the clarity you need to:


Avoid the time wasted from trial and error

Implement digital systems most appropriate for your size, budget, and industry


Communicate to bring out the best in your employees


Minimize the cost of vetting and engaging gig workers

Lower employment and training costs through project based assistance with marketing and operations

Simplify marketing and improve results

We Understand Your Challenges


of small businesses have openings they can’t fill. -NFIB


of small business owners say finding high quality labor is a top problem -NFIB


Have Difficulty attracting the Right Traffic to their Websites. -Bluehost


of small business owners say their limited markeing budget is a core challenge. -Semrush


Strategic Planning and Management Coaching

We employ a hands-on approach to coaching and consulting that enables business owners and investors to excel as managers and leaders. For us, strategy is not something that belongs on paper, it is something that guides and inspires employees to live up to meaningful expectations. Let’s tune up your business model, plan for growth and put the right systems in place to find your management groove.

Marketing Services

Your marketing program has many different objectives. You might be looking to enhance your brand, showcase your expertise, and generate leads. Becoming a thought leader in your industry might also be high on your list.

Our design and content team will improve and manage the look, feel and impact of your brand through a one-time project and/or ongoing marketing services. We will also help you implement digital marketing programs and identify the technology platforms that simplify a variety of workflows. Let’s plan a powerful program to attract quality prospects that can’t wait to do business with you.

Project & Gig Worker Management

Effective project management is an art form critical for small business owners to move forward without missed opportunities and waste. Projects often require engaging cross-functional teams that are internal and external to your organization, and systems for continuous learning to support transition, differentiation, and innovation. Our approach allows you to easily build the capacity to move critical one-time projects forward, while enabling your employees to embrace change with a positive mindset.



Patricia is a brilliant and reliable business consultant who is a joy to work with. She understands every aspect of how a business operates and knows how to make a huge impact in a short period of time. Her coaching and consulting services have been critical for us. So far, we have transformed our website, developed a marketing plan, improved operations, and lowered expenses. We will continue to work with Patricia and her team for years to come.

– Shivonne

Patricia has an innate sense of where you’re in need of help in your business. She can see areas that need to be reworked within short period of time and give thoughtful advice on how to implement the new strategy. I strongly recommend her consulting advice.

– Linda

Patricia has been extremely helpful in moving our business development initiatives forward. She is a reliable and effective project manager that works well with our team. She also has solid technical skills when it comes to marketing operations. I have enjoyed working with her.

– Jeff

Patricia and team take a very logical approach to RE investing using mathematical models and proven formulas – combined with their active field work and experience with each neighborhood – it is an extremely effective investment model.

– Phil

For anyone thinking about buying a business or franchise, I recommend connecting with Patricia for her insight and guidance. She is very knowledgeable in many aspects of buying/running a business including marketing and finance. Her presentation style is very engaging. You will not regret going to one of her presentations.

– Bob

Patricia is insightful, reliable and effective in an organization undergoing systemic challenges and changes. She will assess processes and develop strategies to create results even with the most limited resources. I highly recommend her skills as a consultant, leader and project manager.

– Wendy

I met with Patricia for the first time a few days ago at her workshop. I was strongly recommended by a friend to attend her workshop on New Revenue Best Practices for small businesses. I found her ideas and thoughts very insightful. Not only that, she herself was more than willing to help me out with content review and referrals. She’s a great resource to anyone looking to grow their network and business. Thank you, Patricia!

– Prachi

Patricia is insightful, reliable and effective in an organization undergoing systemic challenges and changes. She will assess processes and develop strategies to create results even with the most limited resources. I highly recommend her skills as a consultant, leader and project manager.

– Wendy

Patricia is a great leader and a pleasure to work with. She has a comprehensive understanding of business models and growth strategies. I have learned a lot from her.


I worked with Patricia when she was a Community Impact Volunteer at the United Way. I was the VP of Community Impact at that time. I have since left the United Way, but Patricia continues in this very important volunteer role, reading grant applications, meeting with nonprofit leaders, and making funding decisions. Patricia’s commitment to that responsibility is exemplary. She was always prepared, and extremely interested in understanding and addressing the Human Service needs of Stamford. Her passion and enthusiasm for helping make the world a brighter place are very inspiring. Patricia is a wonderful person to know and to work with!!!

– Kathy

Coaching by Your Design

Our coaching process is tailored to your needs, designed to suit your schedule, skills and ways of working. One size does not fit all. We offer a variety of coaching options to give you the clarity and framework to lead and manage with greater confidence. Coaching achieves 5 critical business results.

1. People Power
2. Enabling Operations
3. Product Differentiation
4. Marketing and Sales Mastery
5. Financial Clarity

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