Small businesses are the backbone of strong communities. We understand the unique challenges of smaller enterprises and we help craft growth strategies that align with your personal and community resources. We will coach, train, project manage and help you build the capacity you need to be a sustainable, leading business. 


Real Estate Investors & Developers

Real Estate investing is a small business approach that requires specialized training. We provide the education you need to build your property portfolio through acquisitions, rehabs and participation in development projects. Let’s talk about you investment goals and how we minimize risk.


Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Grow your small business through strategic planning, improved operations, and on-demand capacity through our expert marketing and lead generation team that you can hire by project. We will also help you transition to entrepreneurship through real estate investing, developing a start-up, or purchasing an existing business.

Franchise Investors

Buy a business for a turn-key approach to…

  • Choose your dream job
  • Diversify your investments
  • Supplement or replace income
  • Create jobs and develop others
  • Scale a mom-and-pop concept



– Revamped property management website. View site at

– Wrote business plan and secured NYCEDC grant for growing manufacturer to build new shop operations and take advantage of tax credits and incentives

– Streamlined SKU mix for camera equipment manufacturer to lower costs, improve sales and gain distribution

– Conducted strategic planning for early-stage construction companies in NYC

– Revamped marketing strategy for non-profit

– Implemented CRM and digital marketing program for Brooklyn manufacturer

– Implemented email marketing program for Brooklyn manufacturer with distributors in several countries

– Selected ERP platform for NYC manufacturer

– Improved messaging and sales strategy for CT property management company

– Brokered a fast food restaurant purchase in New Haven County, CT