Patricia is a brilliant and reliable business consultant who is a joy to work with. She understands every aspect of how a business operates and knows how to make a huge impact in a short period of time. Her coaching and consulting services have been critical for us. So far, we have transformed our website, developed a marketing plan, improved operations, and lowered expenses. We will continue to work with Patricia and her team for years to come.

– Shivonne

Patricia has an innate sense of where you’re in need of help in your business. She can see areas that need to be reworked within short period of time and give thoughtful advice on how to implement the new strategy. I strongly recommend her consulting advice.

– Linda

I’m a Senior Vice President at a private equity fund dedicated to growing businesses… Patricia not only changed my view about what a buy-side agent should do – but more importantly, she represents what a buy-side agent should strive to be. Words cannot express how incredible of a job Patricia has done to make my home buying experience a joy. Unlike prior experiences with other agents, Patricia took time to understand my preferences, educate me on the local real estate market, provide me a wealth of data for comps, create guided tours, and provided investment perspectives when asked. Patricia runs her business with exceptional professionalism and integrity which I find rare in the real estate community. 

– Tony

Patricia has been extremely helpful in moving our business development initiatives forward. She is a reliable and effective project manager that works well with our team. She also has solid technical skills when it comes to marketing operations. I have enjoyed working with her.

– Jeff

Patricia is a true professional who knows and understands the Stamford real estate market. During our first meeting, she took the time to find out exactly what I was looking for in a home and she did in fact find me the perfect home. Patrcia is not only a very good realtor; she is just a good person.

– Beth

Patricia, thank you for the thoughtful gifts, they are perfect. I truly appreciated your patience with me as we went through this journey together, and I know I made it bumpy along the way. But you were a voice of reason when irrational heads prevailed. The ability to diffuse a situation and make it feel okay is a gift that few have. You were so much more than my consummate real estate professional, I felt you were (are) a trustworthy friend and advocate. I know I will be happy here, actually, I already am! I will certainly keep in touch, and will arrange to see you soon. Thank you again!

– Ann

Patricia, I hope you are well. I would like to thank you for all your help and support for finding my new home. Your quick understanding of my needs combined with a tremendous knowledge of the market made locating the right place a pleasure. You were extremely responsive to all my requests, and quickly followed through on your commitments. You were professional, enthusiastic and fun throughout the process – quite a combination. If I can help you anyway in the future, please let me know. 

– Michael

I have worked with Patricia for many years. She has the ability to learn her clients’ needs to assure that they find the property that is best suited for them. Further, when negotiating purchase or sale terms, she fights for her clients to make sure that they get the best deal possible. She is an excellent realtor.

– James

Patricia and team take a very logical approach to RE investing using mathematical models and proven formulas – combined with their active field work and experience with each neighborhood – it is an extremely effective investment model.

– Phil

So glad I had your help with my condo after I moved out-of-state! You provided great advice, did everything quickly and efficiently. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone in the area looking for a real estate professional. Thank you for everything.

– Jim

Patricia was professional and extremely helpful as I went off on my journey of finding a new home. I look forward to working with her in the future. 

– Kat

For anyone thinking about buying a business or franchise, I recommend connecting with Patricia for her insight and guidance. She is very knowledgeable in many aspects of buying/running a business including marketing and finance. Her presentation style is very engaging. You will not regret going to one of her presentations.

– Bob

Patricia is insightful, reliable and effective in an organization undergoing systemic challenges and changes. She will assess processes and develop strategies to create results even with the most limited resources. I highly recommend her skills as a consultant, leader and project manager.

– Wendy

Thank you again for your help in selling our house. With my mom’s passing, this was a difficult time for us, and your willingness to pitch in helped relieve a lot of the strain of a trying time. Furthermore, the transaction proceeded smoothly and efficiently which is all anyone could ask for. Please accept our gratitude for a job well done. 

– Sam

I met with Patricia for the first time a few days ago at her workshop. I was strongly recommended by a friend to attend her workshop on New Revenue Best Practices for small businesses. I found her ideas and thoughts very insightful. Not only that, she herself was more than willing to help me out with content review and referrals. She’s a great resource to anyone looking to grow their network and business. Thank you, Patricia!

– Prachi

I have known Patricia for almost 8 years, through real estate and small business growing. She always has a positive outlook, and gives strategic, specific advice. I highly recommend her insight through New Revenue Consulting.

– Lauren

Patricia is professional, bright and a very skilled realtor. She knows the Stamford market inside out, to the level that she knows which condo buildings have good financials and which don’t. She introduced me to an amazing property which I purchased and have done very well with. Patricia is probably the best of the many dozens of realtors I’ve worked with throughout my life. I highly recommend her without reservation. 

– Garrett

Patricia knows her local market extremely well. She can assess the value of properties with terrific accuracy.


I have known Patricia for years; she is not only intelligent and experienced, but she applies her skills with passion for her clients. She was great help when I had to negotiate my way out of a commercial lease – you would do well to have her in your corner!


I have had plenty of experience with realtors, and there are good ones and bad ones, then there is Patricia. She is hands down the best realtor that I have ever dealt with. I have bought and sold properties in New York, Connecticut, and Florida, and have never met a more knowledgeable realtor. Patricia represented my interests in all three aspects of real estate, buying, selling, and renting, and each time Patricia was OUTSTANDING. She is the best.

– Lauren

Patricia found us a rental in downtown Stamford, which we happily lived in for almost 3 years. We employed her again when we were ready to purchase our first home. She was thorough and appropriately aggressive. I felt like we were her most important clients, which is the mark of a great business person!


Patricia is an expert when it comes to real estate. She understands market trends and shares her considerable knowledge generously. She is an effective leader who cares about strengthening community. I recommend her to people as often as I can, for both real estate and for anything to do with making a positive community impact.